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My name is Pinghui , I come from China. I am very happy to share my art with you and hope that it makes you smile today.


I am an Artist with a passion for painting, drawing and film! As you can see I love my cat , Momi, and love to paint cats- So Cute 🙂



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New Car! BOLT EV

Like many things so far, we got a new car by accident.   It is the Chevy Bolt. All ELECTRIC! nervous about running out of power but Issac says it is going to be good. It can charge at home.   Not many Chevy Bolts are in North Carolina yet 🙂

Lucky Day!!!

Never win anything until Today! Won the perfect basket. Half the things are for art – other half is for home improvement! $50 gift cards for Hobby Lobby and Home Depot! Lucky Day.   Thank You Fort Bragg