Pinghui Ren

I bring classic style to modern audiences  

"Running Horse"

Oil Painting on Canvas
Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 32"x52" Year: 2020       

"Do robots dream of electric Doge"

Inspired by the Mars missions and the idea of a Doge Currency on Mars
Do robots dream of electric Doge Medium: Acrylic on board Size: 26"x22" Year: 2021

"An Elderly Peasant Woman",

Original Léon Augustin Lhermitte, c. 1878. Charcoal on wove paper - Pinghui Ren Sketch
An Elderly Peasant Woman Medium: pencil on paper Size: 6"x6" Year: 2021

"Dragon Gallaxy"

Look Closer - what you see?
Medium: Acrylic on board Size: 26"x22" Year: 2021

"Meow Portrait"

An Artist with 9 Lives
Medium: Acrylic on board Size: 8"x 10"Year: 2019

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