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Affordable Stay Near Fort Bagg!

Welcome to our Happy Home! If you are looking for a nice place near Fort Bragg – You’ve Found It. We are right out the Yadkin gate, making your drive to post very convenient.

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Welcome to Long Fang Happy House

Thank you for being our guest. We hope to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your stay. We may not always be around the house but we are happy to accommodate you the best we can. If there is something you need during your stay please let us know and we’ll do our best. I hope you can feel the relaxed atmosphere of our little house and can feel at home.

Our goal is to treat you the way so many great hosts have treated us during our travels!

Your Room

Your room is the first left door in the hallway. A nice Corner Desk is available as a workspace with a convenient wall outlet on either side. In case the AC just isn’t doing it for you a fan can be found in the closet.

On the nightstand is a multipurpose Alarm Clock. On the back side are 2 quick charging USB ports. The clock also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, ambient noise machine and a night light ( hold down the snooze button on top to activate.)

Enjoy sleeping on the 10inch memory foam mattress and use the extra blanket and pillow from the closet if you need.

Enjoy using the Corner Desk as


200mbps Internet provided by Spectrum, using Google Wifi

Wifi:    SSID: juntogroup     PASSWORD : shareme314

Printing: A printer is set up on juntogroup. Use your phones printing app, or the brother printing app to print. You can also email me what you need to be printed and I can print from the computer.

Wifi or Internet Issues: If you are having issues with the Internet feel free to reset the router. If you continue to have issues please send us a message and we can contact Time Warner to help figure it out.



You can park along the street anywhere in the neighborhood. If you are riding a Bicycle or Motorcycle please let us know and we’ll make sure your bike is safe in the garage

Have an Electric Vehicle?  We have the Chevy Bolt and would be happy to share some charge with you. Let us know so we can prepare the parking for you.

Here is a picture to guide you with parking.Parking Instructions.

Shared Spaces


You are sharing the bathroom ( Door in front of your room) with Waqas. Waqas is also a military friend that stays in the room down the hall. He is very clean and is usually out of the house very early.

The Bathroom door locks by pushing in on the door knob and twisting. It can only be locked while inside so as to not lock yourself out. If you can’t get it to work, please let us know and we will show you how it is done.

Living Room:

Please use the living room and dining room however you like. We have Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to and below that we have a projector. Connect to the projector with the Chromecast (using Google home app) or directly from your computer with the HDMI cable.

*For more information on the projector or speakers visit my post about the projector


The kitchen is yours to use. We ask that you clean up after yourself but please feel free to use anything you might need to cook. The top shelf in the fridge is yours and you can store food in the freezer as well. All Appliances are available to you.

Eating: The dining table is an option anytime. Enjoy your meal wherever you like. Of course, we don’t want ants so please don’t leave dishes lying around. Enjoy the yard, patio, living room at any time. Yes, you can camp in the backyard if you like:)

Coffee & Tea

Help yourself to some coffee or tea anytime! Usually, there is a pot made already but feel free to make a fresh batch. The coffee and tea are in the cabinet above the coffee machine.

If you need help operating the coffee machine please watch this video  


We have a little patio area that is fenced off for privacy.  It is great for hanging out , working out, grilling or this is where you would smoke.

We have a little front yard and a small fenced in backyard. Feel Free to roam around, watch the many birds that fly around and even camp in the backyard if you like.

We have a grill in the patio area, feel free to use it whenever you like. Propane tank is below the grill, turn it off after grilling, please.


I have an inversion table outside, feel free to use. Please use handrails so you don’t get hurt.


Please use our little washing machine and dryer if you need to. It is in fact little, so don’t over fill it just do several loads.

The detergent above the washer is for everyone to use, please use as needed.

Momi: The Lovely Cat

Momi is our gentle little cat. She is very friendly and loves to play with strangers, toys, socks, really anything! Bring a laser and you can have her chasing it all day. Momi can be indoors or outdoors, don’t be afraid if you see her outside.

Momi is a tricky sly cat. She will always pretend she is hungry even after she has eaten. Maybe she is smart or maybe she has a very short memory

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Just like in the Truman Show, many things around the house can be found online for purchase. You can find links for those items here.

Here is a helpful guide to using airbnb.


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